Hatha Yoga

Back to basics: Hatha Yoga is a slow-paced class, consisting of standing and seated asanas. It’s a great place to start if you are new to yoga, or to advance or deepen your practice. You get the time and space to become familiar with yoga poses and relaxation techniques. A Hatha yoga class may include asanas, breathing techniques, and meditation. This class is suitable for all, especially beginners & those looking for a foundation class with alignment instruction.

Where seen with '(B)' on the timetable, this class is specifically for beginners.

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Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Flow is all about continuous movement and breath. It is a flowing, dynamic sequence of asanas. Vinyasa classes can help to build strength, stamina and flexibility with more active sequences, and finishes with Savasana, a well-deserved relaxation. This class is suitable for those who have done a little yoga before (if you are totally new to Yoga it might be good to start with the Hatha Yoga), but options will be given for all levels and abilities..

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Yin deep stretch yoga

Yin Deep Stretch Yoga is a perfect compliment to the more dynamic styles of yoga. The focus in a Yin class is on passive stretches, slowing it all right down with long holds. Yin targets the connective tissues in the body. Stretching from head to toe whilst finding focus, patience and release in the mind as well as the body. This class is suitable for all.

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Power Yoga

Power yoga is a fast-flowing sequence of poses guaranteed to make you sweat! This class is more suited to those with some prior experience of yoga, and will help to tone and strengthen the body whilst still increasing flexibility and giving a well-deserved Savasana at the end.

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Mandala Yoga

A whole body workout with a creative flow based on a few select poses each session that are progressed as you complete each round. This class is guaranteed to raise your heart rate leave you feeling great.

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Ashtanga yoga

The classes are suitable for beginners and mixed ability Yoga practitioners.

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is a set series of postures that, with regular practice, are developed over time. By connecting with your breath and your focus, you will move through the series which starts with sun salutations, flowing from one posture in to the next and finishing the practice with Shivasana; a deep relaxation. This practice helps to improve strength and flexibility, as well as offering personal development.

 The classes are held with expert care and encouragement, with no judgments made. Egos are left at the door when we step onto the mat together!

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“The purpose of meditation is to make the mind calm and peaceful. When the turbulence of distracting thoughts subsides and the mind becomes still, a deep happiness and contentment arises naturally from within.”

The New Meditation Handbook by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

These classes are suitable for all.

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This is a mat-based class aimed to build strength and develop control and endurance throughout the whole body. The emphasis for this class will be on alignment and developing a strong core, as well as improving coordination and balance. This class is suitable for all abilities.

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Barre Class

A ballet-inspired fitness workout, standing next to a Barre (wooden handrail) for support.

Barre delivers a full body workout. This is great for overall conditioning with targeted areas of intensity and isometric movements - holding your body still while you contract specific muscles.

Classes will help improve posture, flexibility, and balance, and to build strength in the core, legs, ankles and feet. Some moves are choreographed to motivating music, and Barre exercises can be modified so they are a safe workout option for pre-, or post-natal participants/clients

Barre classes coming soon

Beginners yoga

No-one is too old or too stiff to do Yoga! This class can help improve your strength, stamina, flexibility, concentration, mental clarity and aid relaxation. With gentle stretches, movement & time to relax, this class may release stiffness and tension from all parts of the body, and is therefore ideal for all.

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Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is a fun ancient Art. In many cultures it is also a form of exercise. The isolation of the hips target the abdominal muscles which builds strength. It celebrates the natural form of the female, and the Middle Eastern music and songs transports you to another world with their unique sounds. A dance style for both men and women.

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Family Yoga

This is a class for 2-10 year olds, accompanied by one or both parents or

guardians. Family yoga places an emphasis on joining together to have fun and relax. The class will help a family bond and build confidence together as a family unit. There will be play and mindful moments in equal measure!

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Pre-natal Yoga

This class helps to maintain a healthy body and mind during pregnancy. It focuses on poses specifically for you, that will help to increase strength and flexibility, whilst helping to develop proper breathing and relaxation techniques for an easier, and more comfortable birth.

Pre-natal classes coming soon

Post-natal Yoga

This class will help you to recover and restore after birth. It will focus on reconnecting to the core, and will address changes in the pelvic floor, slowly rebuilding strength and flexibility, as well as soothing muscles from nursing and caring for baby. This class is also ideal for any mum's who have been diagnosed with diastasis recti, or those with pelvic floor dysfunction.

You are welcome to attend once you have been cleared for exercise.

Post-natal classes coming soon

Mum & baby Yoga

This session is a great way for mums and mobile babies to relax and play together. It includes Hatha yoga for the mum, with focused postures and breathing, and toddler stretches for the little one to take their growing bodies through a full range of movement. There will also be postures to play with together, helping to build that special bond.


Mum & baby classes coming feb